As well as being a voice over artist and award-winning broadcaster, I’m also a best-selling author.

My first novel, Fallen Angels, was completed in 1999 but wasn’t published until early 2005. That year it ranked as one of the top 30 best selling ebooks of the year (against Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code).

The Fallen Angels Trilogy

Private Investigator Jake Silver thought he had seen it all, until he met a young woman who claims to have been abducted and raped… by aliens. The case leads Jake into an intricate web of conspiracies, lies, and deep into the secret government facility known as ‘Area 51’ to uncover the truth.

From the Files of OPR

Ghosts, shadow people, zombies, cults, and vampires… it’s all in a day’s work for the Office of Paranormal Research. But stuck in a haunted house during a rare Halloween hurricane, Nick Bishop and the Office of Paranormal Research face a trial by fire that not everyone will survive.

The Wraith Chronicles

The ancient vampire hunting order known as the Gwyliad Wriaeth has a dark secret. It’s entwined so deeply in the order that very few know about it, but it threatens to unravel everything they stand for.

The Brimstone Conspiracy

Rose Webb isn’t the chosen one… She just has a job to do. Part hunter, killer, and public relations agent, Rose is a Brimstone Syndicate Seeker. It’s her responsibility to ensure that no humans learn of the Syndicate’s existence, and all Inhumans are obeying the laws… but as a 200 year old vampire, that’s easier said than done.

Exodus: Europa

An amazing discovery has been made on Jupiter’s third largest moon that could lead to the extinction of mankind.

Devlin’s Hollow

Inspired by a true story. With the help of a team of paranormal researchers, author Jack Devlin wants to unlock the secrets of life after death. Amidst the darkness in a place known as “The Hollow,” the cynical novelist begins to break through… But is The Hollow haunted, or is Jack Devlin?

  • A Sam Dixon Mystery: Dames Without Death Certificates (1998) – Radio Theater Series (13 episodes)
  • Fallen Angels (1999) – Fallen Angels Trilogy #1
  • Biogenesis (2000) – Fallen Angels Trilogy #2
  • Crusade (2001) – Fallen Angels Trilogy #3
  • Ash (2001) – Screenplay
  • Phantoms (2001) – From the Files of OPR #1
  • The Abydos Triad (2002) – From the Files of OPR #2
  • Specter’s Lost Journal Entry (2003) – Short Story
  • Caitlin (2003) – From the Files of OPR #3
  • Exodus: Europa (2004)
  • Darkness (2004) – Wraith Chronicles #1
  • Don’t Wake The Dreamer (2005) – Award-winning short story featured in Twisted Tails
  • Until The Stars Grow Cold (2006) – Wraith Chronicles #2
  • Within (2006) – Short story
  • The Brimstone Betrayal (2006) – Brimstone Conspiracy #1
  • Epoch (2007) – Short story featured in Twisted Tails II – Volume 1
  • Devlin’s Hollow (2007)
  • At The End Of All Things (2007) – Wraith Chronicles #3
  • Whispers From The Dead: The Brimstone Conspiracy (2008) – Brimstone Conspiracy #2
  • La Nina (2008) – Short story featured in Twisted Tails IV
  • Shattered (2010) – Unpublished

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