Terry “Tdub” West is Club 97.5‘s Program Director, and morning show host. Basically we can’t get him to go home.

Bitten by a radioactive spider, I had a severe allergic reaction and was hospitalized for quite some time. Upon my release, I decided to pursue the lofty goals set forth by our fuzzy, feline overlords: Caturday. Radio has been my passion for over 20 years. I love creating rich sonic landscapes, writing and working with engaging copy, and experimenting in new techniques and in new mediums. Plus, I get paid to sit in a padded, air conditioned studio and listen to music all day… so I’ve got that going for me.

I wanted to be in radio since I was just a little kid. Remember those radio station tours you took in Boy Scouts when you were a kid? Yeah. Walking in to that station, meeting the talents, and seeing walls of reel to reels somehow infected me and my goal from that moment on was to be one of the familiar and friendly voices on the radio.

I’ve held almost every job in a radio station from part-time scum, sales, DJ, News Director, Production Director, Managing Editor, Digital Guru, all the way to #1 rated Morning Show Host and Program Director.

Aside from my daily duties on Club 97.5, I track a daily show on Hot 100 FM, middays on 94.7 Buck FM, I’m a freelance voice over talent, writer, and graphic designer. I stay fairly busy.

I’m a Gen X refugee that fears the day my generation will rule the world. I’m currently stockpiling goods and supplies in Buhl, Idaho with my wife Natalie and soon-to-be mad scientist son, Jack.

My name is Terry “Tdub” West: I know the truth about the One Ring, how to gank a demon, The Doctor’s name, and the Death Star’s one weakness. I am a husband, father, writer, voice over artist, Program Director, and host of the Morning Mix on Club 97.5!

Where did I get the goofy nickname “Tdub”? It was bestowed on me by the wise and always entertaining Nate Bird. I can’t recall when specifically, but honestly, who really remembers the 80’s anyway?