Where Were You On 9/11/01?

Ground Zero Memorial. Flickr.com/Phil Photostream

I find it odd, and maybe even a little unsettling that ten years have passed this quickly since that tragic day on September 11th, 2001. I remember everything about that day: the call from my Program Director waking me and telling me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centers; watching the television in awe as images of another plane hit the second tower; news that two more planes had crashed in Pennsylvania and into the Pentagon; and watching the sheer terror of the faces of the men and women in New York as they tried to make sense of an event that had no sense at all.

I remember crying. A lot. I had to get out of the radio station for a few minutes to escape the onslaught of news coverage so I went home and collapsed on the floor of my house and just held my dog Duncan crying. I called my mom just to tell her that I loved her. Once back at the station the DJs took turns in the booth covering the news, so we sat, silently listening to the national news unfold in our headphones. While trying to rig up a quick simulcast between our sister station I accidentally grabbed a hot soldering iron and burned the hell out of myself, but I think I was so numb that it really didn’t hurt until the 12th.

It was a day that defined so many. There were so many lost, but there were also an amazing amount of heroes. Even if you weren’t there, you were there. We all lost something 10 years ago when those Twin Towers fell, but we’ve been fighting the terrorists every day on the field of battle, and just by living our lives. The ultimate goal of terrorism is terror; to make us live in fear. But they failed, and we go on gloriously.

Since September 11th life continues. I now have a beautiful daughter named Alexis and the coolest son in the world named Jack. I’ve been divorced and remarried. Moved states. Bought two cars. Had three jobs. Been so broke that I can’t afford toothpaste, and had more fun than a human should be allowed. And that is how we ultimately fight the terrorists. We show them that no matter what they do, how they try to hurt us, America keeps on being amazing.

Keep being amazing.

To those we lost ten years ago: we will never forget.

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