Running Out Of Space In Gmail? ‘Find Big Mail’ Will Solve Your Problem

Find Big Mail

It seems like everyone has at least one Gmail account now. Back when they were brand new, over eight years ago now, you couldn’t simply walk in and make an account. Back then they were invite only. You had to know someone with invites to get in.

Now anyone, and even some pets, have Gmail accounts. And with Gmail offering more free space than most cloud-based storage services, why not? But what happens when you run out of space?

Gmail offers 7.5 GB of storage, and it is possible to fill it up. The easiest way to clean out space is to delete those storage munching attachments you have stashed away. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to easily find those large files in Gmail’s user interface.

Enter: Find Big Mail. Add the account you wish to clean, grant Find Big Mail access to your gmail account, and off you go. Find Big Mail will scan your account and find the big files that are hogging your storage. It took less than ten minutes to identify my biggest emails and discovered that 49.7% of my Gmail space was being used by 1.1% of my mail.

Find Big Mail is a really slick web app, and is absolutely free.

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