My Studio Is Infested!

Baby kittens
Three brand new kittens, born today, have taken up residence in my studio.

Recording this evening was a bit challenging, but not for the usual reasons. It turns out that my studio is infested! With kittens!

My son’s cat Fuzz (who I’ve dubbed “Arthur Fuzzarelli”) gave birth to three squeaking little kittens today. Two are, oddly, pure white, while the third looks like her.

Since kittens are born blind, and sort of retarded, they’ve been wandering around the corner of my studio squeaking and squawking. Of course they’re freaking adorable, so I did my best to record while they were busy feeding.

But this is just the beginning… Soon they’ll be dorking around, as kittens do, wrapped up in my cables and trying to climb the sound proofing in the walls.

Oh lord…

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