‘Grave Suspicions’ Audiobook Now Available

'Grave Suspicion' by Aaron Mahnke
‘Grave Suspicion’ by Aaron Mahnke

The latest audiobook I narrated, ‘Grave Suspicions’ by Aaron Mahnke, is now available from Audible!

Here’s the synopsis:

Sam Hawthorne has lived a nomadic life, wandering through small Midwestern towns for the past two decades. He is known among the people he meets as an oddity and a troublemaker. He has a secret, however; one that has given him the chance to help dozens of people over the years. But that secret has also created a trail, and now someone with violent intentions has begun to follow it.

Working with Aaron was fantastic and I truly enjoyed the story. I’ve already been bugging him for a sequel!

Get the audiobook now!

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