Shady Rays: Look Cool, Fight Hunger, and Free Replacements

I love Wayfarers. Best. Sunglasses design of all time–they have even been immortalized in a Don Henley song–so I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pair. I believe I have found them: Shady Rays.

From their website:

We are an Independent Sunglasses Company that is focused on one thing – Making the best shades for 24/7 action.

Shady Rays is not for those that want to buy from a massive, faceless company that has been operating the same way for decades. We are for action-seekers who appreciate next-generation, innovative gear meant for everything life throws at you.

Our mission to fight hunger in America has led to over 1 million meals provided to date. Thank you to our fans for fighting hunger with us.

So let’s recap, shall we? Shady Rays look cool, come in a ton of styles, colors, and designs, but they offer free lifetime replacements, and fight hunger.

Could sunglasses get any more badass? No. The answer is no.

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