Paper Copies?


My step-son asked me tonight if he could read one of my “big, thick books.” I asked if that meant any of my Gaimans, and he replied “no, yours. The ones you wrote.”

Then it occurred to me that I don’t have a paper copy of any of my books anymore.

Most were given as gifts years ago, while the others in storage were either damaged or simply discarded. I’m an eBook author. Always have been. Paper versions are just more to lug around or take up space in storage.

Plus I was a different man when I wrote those. They feel like they’re from a different lifetime. I don’t really hold any sentimental value to the books either, although I do have three of them on my iPhone right now in iBooks.

That’s what I’ll do: I’ll gift him a copy of my book on his iPod touch. Then if he doesn’t like it he can just delete it. Problem solved.

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