Manage Your Christmas List With Santa’s Bag For Your iPhone

Santa's Bag - Clay Pot Software LLC

There’s nothing more frustrating during the holidays than realizing you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for an important someone in your life. Then you have to make the mad dash to the store, frantically run up and down the isles looking for anything that will work, and then pray you have money left in the Christmas budget.

That never has to happen again thanks to Clay Pot Software’s iPhone App ‘Santa’s Bag.’

This is my second Christmas using the app, and I have found it indispensable. ‘Santa’s Bag’ will track everyone on your Christmas List, allow you to budget individually, set gift ideas, and then track when gifts are purchased, if they’ve been wrapped, and how close you are to meeting budget. It’s really an amazing app.

Last year I didn’t have a huge surplus for Christmas, so I kept the budget tight and monitored with ‘Santa’s Bag.’ My family ended up with a pretty decent Christmas and I only went over budget by about $30.

‘Santa’s Bag’ is available in the iTunes App Store right now for $0.99.

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