Organize And Track Your Holiday Shipments With Slice

Organize and track your holiday shipping with Slice.

I do most of my Christmas shopping online. I can find exactly what I want, where I want, and generally for how much I want. Shopping online just makes everything easier for me. The thing I don’t like about online shopping is tracking down shipping numbers.

You know what I mean: Where is the email with the tracking number? When is that package supposed to arrive? What email account did I sign up to the company for? Where did I have it shipped? Why can’t I find my receipt? What card did I pay with? AAHHH!

Luckily I found an app that fixes all of that. It’s called ‘Slice’ and it’s free.

Slice will track all of your shipments, no matter if you sent them or they’re being sent to you, in one, neat, convenient, app for your iPhone. Send it USPS? No problem. UPS? Yep. Got that too. Slice will track your shipment and show you where it’s been, and estimate when it’s going to get there. It also uses a cool map feature to show you the route your package took.

The best part? You don’t have to enter a single tracking number in to Slice. Ever.

Slice will connect with your Yahoo or Gmail account and as long as the purchase and shipping receipt is there, it will import it automatically and track it. When I connected my Gmail account for the first time Slice found purchases and shipments from all the way back to 2006 and cataloged them. Whoa. Cool!

If you’re planning on doing online shopping this Christmas, I highly recommend getting Slice for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and keep your shipping organized.

‘Slice’ is available in the iTunes App Store right now for FREE.

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