How Much Data Do You Really Need?

On most cellular carriers Unlimited Data has gone the way of the dinosaurs: extinct. Verizon recently announced they are phasing out the unlimited data option even for customers who are “grandfathered in.”

Initially I was concerned about living under a limited data cap–with the possibility of overages and additional fees–but then I endeavored to find out how much data I really used. I was surprised by the findings.

With the death of Unlimited Data, Verizon has given us the new ‘Share Everything’ plans. They offer unlimited talk, unlimited text, and the ability to use your smartphone as a hotspot for free, but you have to select the amount of data to share on your plan. Here’s how the plans break down:

Verizon’s new ‘Share Everything’ Plans. Verizon

1 gb a month? That certainly doesn’t sound like much… I grabbed a data tracking app for my iPhone and started crunching numbers. I used sigterm’s Data Usage ($0.99 iTunes) because it tracks both cellular and wi-fi. The app allows you to set the monthly quota for your cellular usage, so I set it at 1gb to see what would happen. I thought I would hit my quota in the first day. Almost one month has passed and I’ve only used 12.9% of my allotted 1gb of cellular data. Wow.

My findings may not reflect yours, but it seems like 1gb is a fair amount after all.

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