My 1st Week With an iPhone 5 – Terry’s Super Late Review

Terry Morgan/

Today marks one week since I gave up my beloved iPhone 4 and upgraded to a 16GB iPhone 5. After one week can I honestly say I love the 5 as much as I loved the 4? My answer is a resounding “not really.”

Screen Size

The iPhone 5 marks the first change to the iPhone’s screen size since its launch six years ago. Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, was staunch in his belief that the screen should never be larger than 3 and a half inches so your thumb could comfortably touch everywhere on the screen. Now at four inches (diagonally), it is very difficult to hit certain buttons without repositioning your hand–something I never had to do with my iPhone 4.


The iPhone 5 is super fast. There’s no kidding around with this one. Everything from launching apps, playing games, and even browsing the web is super fast. The addition of LTE only makes it faster. I recorded a download speed of 32 MB a second the first night. That’s way faster than my home internet, and even faster than the station’s Wi-Fi.

iOS 6

Apple’s mobile operating system is pretty stable at this point, but some would say it’s getting a little long in the tooth. The home screen looks almost as it did when the iPhone was launched. To Apple’s credit, it really does “just work.”


The 5 looks pretty similar to the 4, however the glass back has been replaced by a brushed aluminum, two-tone case. The 5 is substantially lighter than the iPhone 4, and even a little bit thinner. I like the look of the iPhone 5, but not as much as the beautiful steel and glass, industrial design of the iPhone 4.


Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 5 is a good smart phone I just don’t get that same sense of awe and beauty that I did with the iPhone 4. Is it a worthy upgrade? If you’re already an iPhone user then yes, by all means, upgrade. The LTE and A6 processor are worth the price of admission.

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