Incredible Footage of a Supercell Forming Over Texas [Video]

This is truly breathtaking footage of a Supercell storm forming near Booker, Texas.

Lately my wife and I have been watching a lot of old episodes of Discovery’s Storm Chasers. I’ve been learning a lot about Supercells, Rear Downward Flank, and tornadoes. This video was captured by just such a storm chaser, Mike Olbinski.

Apparently it took four years to capture this amazing footage because we know how unpredictable thunderstorms and tornadoes can be. The video is cut into four sections because Oblinski had to move several times while filming the Supercell.

And we can’t ever forget how dangerous capturing footage like this truly is. Tim Samaras, Carl Young, and Tim’s 24 year old son Paul, three storm chasers from TWISTEX, were recently lost during the massive outbreak of tornadoes in Oklahoma.

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