My Dog Robbie is Too Smart

Terry Morgan/

Before I adopted Robbie I did a lot of research on Border Collies and I read many times that they are one of the smartest breed of dog.

I can now confirm this. I’ve nicknamed Robbie “Houdini.”

I used to think that when Robbie was laying at my feet he was just being good, but now I know he’s just sizing me up.

No matter what I do, Robbie can escape our backyard. We have a totally enclosed backyard with four foot wooden fences. Over the past few weeks my wife and I have been diligently trying to patch all the holes where he’s escaped through. So far he’s:

  • Dug under the fence and back gate.
  • Broken out a wooden slat in the fence and gone through.
  • Dug another hole under the fence.

Now he just climbs over. In the most awkward display of paws, claws, and dog fur, Robbie somehow manages to hoist himself up and over the fence.

But that’s not the funniest thing Robbie does.

We have another dog, a chubby, older Boston Terrier we’ve dubbed “Pig.” Pig and Robbie have become the best of friends. After Robbie climbs over the fence he’s figured out how to spring his buddy Pig. Robbie pushes the gate open with his head until Pig can escape. It takes quite a bit of force to open the gate as it’s misaligned.

Houdini strikes again…

I love my dog. He is amazing.

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