Yahoo! Weather Needs Your Photos

Yahoo! Weather –

Yahoo! recently launched a new weather app for mobile devices that’s quite beautiful and unique. It’s a weather app so all of the usual suspects are included: current temperature, highs/lows, chance of precipitation, extended forecast, and the app has a very clean and beautiful presentation.

But here’s the cool part: It uses local Flickr photos for the backgrounds! So when you pull up the weather for Twin Falls, you actually get a photo of Twin Falls.

But currently there are only three photos that appear no matter where in the Magic Valley you’re requesting the weather for… and they’re all mine. There’s a pic I snapped in my backyard, one of the Perrine Bridge, and a cloudy photo I caught in my front yard.

Yahoo! needs more photos!

How To Submit Your Photos To Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! wants your photos of the Magic Valley to include in the weather app. They’ll be displayed as the app background and will feature your name and a link to your Flickr account prominently displayed in the bottom right corner.

And I think it’s pretty cool to have your photo included for all the Magic Valley to see while they’re checking the forecast. Here’s how to contribute your photos:

  1. Take photos of the Magic Valley that prominently display the Magic Valley and the weather. You can read all of the frequently asked questions here, but you can use your iPhone or Android device to snap pics.
  2. Sign up for a Flickr account. Flickr is a photo sharing service from Yahoo! that recently upgraded and now offers a terabyte of storage absolutely free! A TERABYTE!
  3. Join the Yahoo! Project Weather group on Flickr.
  4. When uploading your photos to Flickr, add them to the Yahoo! Project Weather Group. Make sure you tag your photos to include the location where it was shot (if you’re using your smartphone, this information will be included automatically).
  5. Your photo will now go in to the approval queue. If Yahoo! likes it, they’ll add the appropriate tags (like “day”, “clear”, or “cloudy”) and approve it to be in the Yahoo! Weather app.
  6. That’s it!

Fire up your cameras, download the official Flickr app, and submit your photos to be included in the Yahoo! Weather app.

Yahoo! Weather

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