A Long February

I know. My headline doesn’t quite have the ring the Counting Crows song has, but it was indeed a long February.

I’ve often heard it said that January is the worst month of the year. With the cold, snowy weather and post-holiday let down, January does seem like a long month. But I’ve always felt February is worse. Maybe because the month occupies that weird space between winter and spring. February just seems worthless.

It started off well enough, upgrading my studio mic and headphone amp (I love my new Rode NTK! It sounds great), but went downhill. Bronchitis came then, claiming the whole family and stealing my voice.

As we started to recover toward the end of the month, we were hit with a crisis as we lost a family member. Only 38 years old, we lost her unexpectedly and it sent the whole family into a tailspin.

Things haven’t quite returned to normal yet, but we’re all doing our best to adapt. Just have to keep swimming. I find myself ready and anxious to get back in studio, go fishing with my awesome wife, and spend time with my Power Rangers obsessed son.

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