Protect Your Accounts from Hackers… and Your Kids

Beware online hackers! They look like that scary guy on the right! ThinkStock/Hasbro

I have been the victim of hackers on two occasions: my debit card was stolen during the huge Target fiasco, and just last night… by my 6 year old son. Continue reading “Protect Your Accounts from Hackers… and Your Kids”

Make Your Kids Their Own DIY Power Rangers Helmet for Halloween [Updated]

Power Rangers Helmet - Terry Morgan
The finished helmet is on the left, and the frame we started with is on the right. Image: Morgan

My son Jack is currently infatuated with Power Rangers (he’s 6). While we easily found a pretty nice Ranger Halloween costume at the store, we couldn’t find a helmet. I decided to make one for him. Continue reading “Make Your Kids Their Own DIY Power Rangers Helmet for Halloween [Updated]”

Happy Father’s Day Dad

Dad and my puppy Barkley

Happy Father’s Day, dad.

We’re taking the boys fishing, just like you and I used to, and this will be Jack’s first time lure fishing. I’m not totally convinced that’s a good idea either. I remember accidentally hooking you a couple of times while you were teaching me so I have no doubt Jack will get me too. We’ve been working on his casting and he’s doing pretty good though.

You would have loved Jack, and he would have loved you too. You two were meant to cause trouble together. Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day Dad”