Quick, To The Cloud – The Benefits of Cloud-Based Storage

Quick, to the Cloud! iStockphoto

A recent survey uncovered the confusing fact that one in three people think that using “The Cloud” involves actual clouds. Wrap your head around that one for a minute. I’m trying hard not to laugh, but this happens with any leap forward in technology. There are always those who get it, and the ones who are left behind.

In reality, Cloud-Based storage is a safe and inexpensive way to store your digital files and photos rather than filling up the hard drives on your computer. Continue reading “Quick, To The Cloud – The Benefits of Cloud-Based Storage”

Yahoo! Weather Needs Your Photos

Yahoo! Weather – Flickr.com/terencewest

Yahoo! recently launched a new weather app for mobile devices that’s quite beautiful and unique. It’s a weather app so all of the usual suspects are included: current temperature, highs/lows, chance of precipitation, extended forecast, and the app has a very clean and beautiful presentation.

But here’s the cool part: It uses local Flickr photos for the backgrounds! So when you pull up the weather for Twin Falls, you actually get a photo of Twin Falls. Continue reading “Yahoo! Weather Needs Your Photos”

How Much Data Do You Really Need?

On most cellular carriers Unlimited Data has gone the way of the dinosaurs: extinct. Verizon recently announced they are phasing out the unlimited data option even for customers who are “grandfathered in.”

Initially I was concerned about living under a limited data cap–with the possibility of overages and additional fees–but then I endeavored to find out how much data I really used. I was surprised by the findings. Continue reading “How Much Data Do You Really Need?”

My Facebook Account Was Hacked – Is Yours Next?

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

We’ve heard a lot about Facebook’s security and privacy policies lately, but we never think it impacts us until the unthinkable happens. Recently my Facebook account was hacked. Someone broke into my account and started sending messages to random people in my friends list. Continue reading “My Facebook Account Was Hacked – Is Yours Next?”